December, 2009

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Steadybag: Better Camera Support Than a Tripod

Steadybag family of camera supports

Flexible, rock-solid support for any camera — without a tripod. Leaves the old beanbag in the dust!

Steadybag is a high-tech update of the old-fashioned beanbag. Steadybag virtually eliminates camera shake without the need for time-consuming tripod setup. Use it for rock-solid shooting on car hoods, fenceposts, window ledges, rocks or branches. There’s no setup required, so it’s ready whenever you are.

People keep coming up with new uses for Steadybag. We originally designed the Steadybag for photographers in film and television. Later, we realized how perfect it was for bird watching and target shooting enthusiasts. Where will you use yours? Order online or find your local dealer and let us know!

Steadybag is available in three models. The standard three-pound Steadybag is for 35mm and medium-format SLRs, as well as video camcorders. The Steadybag Junior, available in three colors, is designed especially for compact point-and-shoot cameras. At just eight ounces, you can take it anywhere. And the large seven-pound size is designed for broadcast video (ENG/EFP) and motion picture cameras, as well as still cameras with very long and/or heavy lenses.

Every Steadybag is made in the USA from rugged water-resistant nylon and filled with thousands of custom-milled polypropylene beads. The standard and large Steadybag models include both a removable shoulder strap and a permanent carrying handle, while the Steadybag Junior includes a durable, swiveling mini-clip.

Dewitt’s Brush: Cleaner Gear Shoots (and Sells) Better

Dewitt's Brush is the best and safest way to keep nature's debris  off non-optical surfaces.

It’s the best tool ever for cleaning gear, whether you’re using it… or done using it.

This ain’t no shaving brush! Dewitt’s Brush substitutes natural boar bristle for the old-fashioned shaving brush’s badger hair. This makes it stiffer and springier, the better to get dirt and grit out of all the hard-to-reach places on your cameras and video equipment. (Try it on sheet-film holders!) Yet the tip of each bristle is feathered to protect painted finishes from scratching, a design that also picks up dust more efficiently.

Dewitt’s Brush measures 4½ inches long and 1½ inches in diameter. The 2¼-inch handle is made from molded white nylon and is contoured for easy grip. The feather-tip bristles measure 2¼-inches.

eBay sellers: It’s been proven time and again that the best product photography gets the top dollar. But as we all know, second-hand electronics really attract and retain dust and grit. Cleaning up with Dewitt’s Brush allows you to take the detail shots that may mean a 20% difference in your final selling price. This is a no-brainer; a product that pays for itself after just one use!

“Dust really stands out in a photograph of a black camera body. So whenever I need to do a product shot for a story, I get rid of it with Dewitt’s Brush.”

— Russell Hart, American Photo magazine

Dewitt’s Brush is the best and safest way to keep nature’s debris off non-optical surfaces. We think it’s a necessity for any fastidious photographer or videographer.