The DLH1x150: A Great Light Head for Even Soft Box Lighting


In the last few years, Dedolight has come out with a range of soft-light heads and matching soft boxes that are unmatched in their evenness of light. One model in particular has been getting a lot of attention: the DLH1x150.

It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, uses a 150-watt clear bulb rated to last 1000 hours, and mounts in a very small soft box. It’s fantastic as a “run-and-gun” light in film and video and as a way of lighting up the interior of a car or plane; it’s also wonderful for shooting food set-ups on location or impromptu interviews.

Normally it’s connected to an in-line dimmable power supply (DT24-1U), but by changing the bulb to a 100-watt, 12-volt lamp, and using the appropriate accessory cord, it can run from a battery belt or a vehicle’s accessory outlet.

It’s a beautiful piece of engineering, and remember that the light output of a Dedolight head is much more efficient than a bigger and hotter fresnel or open-source light fixture.