Dedolight Projection Attachments: How to Use Gobos and Slides to Project Patterns

Dedolight gobos

How to Project Patterns and Images With Dedolight Heads

An excellent way to make your lighting more interesting is to involve gobos. Gobos come in a variety of forms, including silhouette patterns, color modulators, and more. Dedolight manufactures projection attachments for light heads in their Classic, 200, and 400 series that yield incredibly precise images and shadows. Dedolight’s “Imager” attachments overcome several of the problems inherent in those of other manufacturers — Dedolight’s offer:

  • High light efficiency due to perfectly-matched optics
  • Perfect contrast rendition
  • Very low distortion
  • No color fringing (a very typical problem on traditional profiler/ellipsoidal units)
  • No halation (which would impair the shadow edge or affect overall contrast)
  • Interchangeable lenses, from wide angle to telephoto and zoom

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Imaging with the Dedolight Classic and 200 Series

Dedolight DP1

If you’re using light heads from the Dedolight Classic or 200 Series, the Dedolight Imager Projection attachments are the key to quickly expanding your lighting capabilities. There are three main varieties, compatible with the Classic and 200 Series light heads. Each product is offered in two configurations: the first is supplied with an 85mm lens, which can be swapped for other Dedolight projection lenses to produce image sizes from very large to very small. The second configuration is sold without this lens, letting you pick the components you need.

  • The DP1 offers the greatest versatility, with a spring-loaded accessory slot that accepts all DP-series accessories. The DP1 includes the standard 85mm imaging lens, while its sister product, the DP1-0, does not include the lens.
  • Dedolight DPFS framing shuttersThe DP2 is optically identical to the DP1, but is designed as a single-function unit, in that the DP2 has four permanently attached shutter blades (similar to the DPFS accessory listed below.) Permanently attaching the blades make it much easier to quickly adjust the frame. As above, the DP2 includes the 85mm lens, while the DP2-0 lets you pick your own.
  • The DP3 takes the DP1’s optics and adds a gobo holder and 35mm slide projection attachment, multi-speed fan, in-line power supply, and heat-reflecting filter. This makes it perfectly suited to use with transparencies at high wattage (even with the 150W Aspherics2 or 200D daylight/tungsten head) and long runtimes, where such requirements would otherwise generate too much heat to use slides. The DP3 also allows for image plane adjustment to correct for off-axis projections. Again, the DP3 includes an 85mm lens, while the DP3-0 does not.

Dedolight DPIR

Accessories for the DP1

  • DPFS: A set of four framing shutter blades. These blades can be combined in a set of one to four blades to form triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, and other shapes.
  • DPIR: An 18-leaf metal iris. Allows you to create almost perfectly round images in whatever size you wish.
  • DPGH: M-size steel gobo holder.
  • DPGGH: M-size glass gobo holder.
  • DPSH: Slide holder that accepts any mounted 35mm transparency. To protect your slides, it is strongly recommended you use the DHF heat filter accessory in conjunction with the DPSH, and do not exceed a lamp wattage of 100 W. For more demanding applications such as higher light output or longer run times, the Dedolight DP3 imager should be used, as it uses forced air cooling.
  • DPACP: A matched pouch for imager/projection accessories. Four compartments keep gobos, scrims, filters, and framing shutters organized.
  • DPEYESET: The Dedolight Eye Set consists of a special filter holder which attaches to the 185mm projection lens and highlights a subject’s eyes or other fine details. Three filters (included) can be mixed in seven combinations to create varying degrees of glow, from striking to subtle.

Imaging with the Dedolight 400 Series

Dedolight DLH400D light head with DP400 Imager

The Dedolight 400 heads are larger, and so require a different projection attachment. The DP400 is a modular system, available in two standard configurations. As with the DP1 system, a variety of projection lenses for the DP400 are available. The DP400KU (“universal receptacle”) kit includes four main parts:

  • DP400CON: A condenser — the standard “back” part of the projection system includes two lenses (one aspherical) and an image plane adjustment knob so that off-angle projections may be focus-corrected.
  • DP400LH: Projection lens holder
  • DP400-185: 185mm f/3.5 projection lens with focus scales on both sides of the barrel (marked in meters and feet)
  • DP400U: Universal receptacle — accepts the following (optional) accessories:
    • DP400GGH: Glass M-size gobo holder
    • DP400GH: Steel M-size gobo holder
    • DP400LFS: Loose shutter leaves (set of four)
    • DP400IR: 18-blade iris

The DP400KFS (“framing shutter”) kit is similar to the DP400KU, but replaces the universal receptacle with a framing shutter with four non-removable blades, similar to the DP2 described above.

Accessories for the DP400

Dedolight DP400 Accessories

All components in the DP1 family are available sized and tuned for use with the DP400. Some are offered with additional options, such as the framing shutter package.

  • Framing shutter options:
    • DP400LFS: Framing shutter (loose leaf set.)  Four leaves that can be used with a gobo holder. If you’d like to use the leaves without a gobo holder, we recommend the DP400FS package.
    • DP400FS: Framing shutter assembly. Four non-removable, built-in shutter leaves glide along two planes (so that they do not touch each other.)
    • DP400FSF: Framing shutter assembly. Similar to DP400FS but with extra slot for gel filters. Includes a gel filter holder.
    • DP400FH: Extra filter holder for DP400FSF.
  • DP400IR: 18-leaf iris.
  • DP400GH: A-size steel gobo holder.
  • DP400GGH: A-size glass gobo holder.
  • DPEYESET: Eye filter attachment. Highlights actors’ eyes or other details. Three polycarbonate filters and filter holder allow strong or subtle effects. Requires the DP400-185 lens.
  • DP400SH: Slide holder for 6×6 cm (2.25″x2.25″) slides. Includes a high quality heat-reflecting filter, fan, and power supply.
  • DP400SHA: Slide holder (adjustable.) Similar to above, but allows image plane adjustment in any direction to maintain sharp focus for off-axis projections up to approximately 45 degrees (depending on focal length of lens.)
  • DP4002GR: Gobo rotator for two steel gobos. Rotation is concentric in opposite directions. Includes multispeed 3-12V power supply.
  • DP4002GR+: As above, with built in fan and heat reflecting filter for use with two gel-printed effect gobos. Includes second 24V power supply for fan.
  • DP400G: A-size steel gobo. More than 300 different shadow patterns are available. (Diameter: 100 mm; Maximum image size: 75 mm.)
  • DP400GC: Custom-made A-size steel gobo from your own artwork. Contact us for details.
  • DP400GG: Glass gobo in multicolor or single-color glass effects. Custom-made glass gobos are also available — contact us.
  • DPACP400: Accessory pouch with four compartments for gobos, iris, and framing shutter blades.

Any Questions?

Click here to view a Dedolight photometrics table, showing image sizes, lux values on typical light heads, and more.

If you’re still unclear on which accessories work with your system, contact us and we’ll put you on the right path. If you’re ready to talk to your local dealer, get in touch and we’ll help you find a dealer near you.