Dedolight Projection Lenses

Dedolight projection lenses

Dedolight’s “Imager” projection attachments are unusual in that they use interchangeable lenses, similar to those on an SLR camera. By choosing lenses with different focal lengths, you can produce patterns and effects (“gobos”) in a variety of angles and image sizes. These are high quality, heat-tolerant, metal-barreled lenses that can be switched out quickly, according to your needs.

Which lens you use depends on what size image you need. The standard lens, included in the DP1 projection kit, is the 85mm f/2.8. At a distance of 6½ feet (2m), this lens will project a 53″ (135cm) diameter image. On the other hand, if you wanted a much tighter beam, or you needed a greater throw distance, you can use the 185mm f/3.5 lens at that same distance could project a crisp 16″ (40cm) diameter circle.

These lenses are available sized for either the Dedolight DP1 family (compatible with the Dedolight Classic and 200 Series light heads) or the Dedolight DP400 projection attachment (for the 400 Series.)

ModelFocal Length (mm)f-stopNotes

Lenses for Dedolight Classic and 200 Series Imagers
DPL60M 60 f/2.4
DPL85M 85 f/2.8 Standard imager lens
DPL185M 185 f/3.5
DPLZ120M 70-120 zoom f/3.5
DPLZ150M 85-150 zoom f/3.5
DPX Similar to a camera’s macro extension tube; enables extremely compact projections (2″ across) or, with an iris, a point of light as small as 2mm!

ModelFocal Length (mm)f-stopNotes

Lenses for Dedolight 400 Series Imagers
DP400-70 70 f/1.5
DP400-100 100 f/1.6
DP400-150 150 f/2.2
DP400-185 185 f/3.5 Standard projection lens for DP400. Focus scales on both sides of barrel.
DP400-230 230 f/2.0

Click to view a Dedolight photometrics table, showing image sizes, lux values on typical light heads, and more.