Faster than a tripod!

  • Support your still camera or video camera on any surface
  • Ready to use instantly, so you can react quickly
  • Better than a beanbag: water-resistant internal pouches won't get moldy or leak sand
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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Available in three sizes:


For compact cameras


For your SLR or scope


For big (300mm+) lenses

It doesn't matter whether you are working with a compact point-and-shoot camera or an SLR with a long telephoto lens—getting a clear and steady image is what it's all about.

Instead of wasting time folding and unfolding a tripod, Steadybag can be in your hands and ready to use in just a few seconds. And there are lots of places where it's just not possible to use a tripod. Whether you're taking still photographs or video, having shake-free images is vital.

For compact cameras, the Small Steadybag works great. It's weatherproof, weighs only half a pound and comes in three colors. For SLRs, the Medium Steadybag is ideal. It's weatherproof and weighs just three pounds. It's available in black or all-seasons camouflage pattern.

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