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Gelly Roll: Store, Protect, and Organize Lighting Gels

Gelly Roll protects your expensive lighting gels and comes in two sizes: 20x24 inch and 10x12 inch (for Lowel lights)

Take Better Care of Your Expensive Lighting Gels

Gels aren’t particularly durable. Gelly Roll is a clever way to keep them protected from dust and accidental damage. Your gels slip easily into a secure pouch which then rolls around a rigid center tube. Built-in elastic straps then secure the whole package for easy storage or transportation. And what’s really cool is that you can take the cap off the end of the tube and store your clips — convenience and no wasted space!

Depending on what formats of gels you use, Gelly Roll comes in two sizes: industry-standard 20×24 inch, or the 10×12 inch size often used with Lowel lights and other still photography systems. And to keep yourself organized, mix and match from any of four colors: red, blue, orange, or gray.