Highlighting Details with the Dedolight EYESET

Samples of the Dedolight Eye Set

Call Attention to Details (and Only the Details)

No matter how precise you lighting needs to be (and with Dedolight gear, you can get pretty darn precise), eventually you’ll run up against the limitations of how much of a “sliver” simple barn doors can give you. What if you want to light up your subject’s eyes for a fashion shot or music video? How about highlighting a small bottle of perfume half-buried in the sand? Or calling out small details in your tabletop miniature shot? In most cases, barn doors will get you 60% there, but spill light on the rest of the scene, ruining your cool effect. Possibly making you feel like a failure.

Dedolight DPEYESET filters mounted on a DP2

That’s where the Dedolight’s EYESET filter kit comes in. The EYESET is three specially formulated filters, plus a custom filter holder, that fit into a Dedolight projection unit attached to your Classic, 200, or 400 Series light head. The filters themselves are specifically created for this purpose, and are different from traditional diffusion filters. By mixing and matching the three filters, it’s possible to create seven different levels of effect. And if that isn’t enough, you can focus the Dedolight head itself for even more variety. Click on the sample images above to see how this kit can improve two typical scenes, whether you’re looking for something bold or a little more understated.