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Making the Photograph Is Only the Beginning

I’ve recently been getting ready to show a group of images that are completely different from my first 40+ years as a photojournalist. It’s pretty easy to standardize on matting and framing prints when the subject matter is politics, or conflict, or urban life, particularly if the work is black-and-white. In the pre-digital era, I had a wonderful darkroom and I made many of my own B&W prints (others were printed in the labs of the magazines I worked for). As for color, virtually all of that work was directly for publication.

Bob Korn, a Photoshop and printing expert I feel completely comfortable working with

But since I now shoot digitally (big thanks to Nikon’s D800), and my current work is firmly in the fine arts category, the printing and framing of my photographs is much more critical. I could spend years learning the craft of printing at the same level with which (I believe) I create the images. But through colleagues I met Bob Korn, who lives and works in Orleans, MA, on Cape Cod — just across the water from my home on Martha’s Vineyard. Bob works with a number of great shooters, and it’s a true collaboration – we see each other regularly and I’ve learned enough about getting files to him via FTP to make the process work easily. Have a look at his site and see for yourself. Bob also teaches and runs workshops. His prints are superb, and he also scans my images from my film archives. This is a resource you need to know about.

Also key to the process is choosing a framer. I’m lucky to have found, right near home on the Vineyard, Frame Center. Audrey Smith and Karen Merlino take my work the final step of the way, and their suggestions, judgement and the art of what they do complete the creative process. All that’s left now is to see if the general public likes the work.