NAB 2010 Report: Dedolight and Matthews Studio Equipment

I’m just back from the NAB show in Las Vegas (that’s the National Association of Broadcasters, an organization that goes back to 1922 when radio was the only broadcast medium). It’s a huge show, covering every aspect of television and radio and there’s always a lot to see and learn. Russ Carswell, our sales director, was with me and we were part of the Dedolight team from Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Dedo Weigert of Dedolight at NAB 2010Dedolight is a big, important, and growing part of our business. As a lot of you know (and if you don’t, just browse the Dedolight category on our site), it is a truly unique system of continuous ‘hot’ light that is used by thousands of photographers, video shooters and filmmakers all over the world. These days, with cameras shrinking in size (and sometimes price tags), it’s more important than ever that lighting be extremely portable with finely controlled output that adapts to every possible shooting situation.

Dedolight LEDZilla soft box accessoryThis year, we helped Dedolight introduce some new accessories for their LEDZilla on-board LED light, designed for small video cameras, as well as the new HMI 1200-watt head. We first showed LEDZilla (technically the DLOBML) at NAB last year; the response was tremendous and the demand has never slowed down.  LEDZilla carries on the tradition of Dedolight design, innovation, and engineering, and is made with the quality that has always gone into every Dedolight.

Dedolight LEDZilla 'lightsaber' accessory

Among the new items will be a miniature soft box, a ‘Chinese lantern’ head, and what looks like a miniature ‘light saber,’ all of which will use the same bayonet mount as the current LEDZilla optics. Dedolight believes LEDZilla is a great new “platform” and is expanding the system to support more and more usage scenarios. The new accessories will be available this summer.

Matthews MICROgrip grip head

Getting back to the topic of camera gear getting smaller every year — I want to share some of what I saw at the Matthews Studio Equipment booth. Matthews is a U.S. company whose products are in (it seems) every studio and on every location shoot in the world. If you don’t know them, you should. What I saw that got me really excited is their new line of MICROgrip equipment. Matthews MICROgrip assembly It’s a series of components designed for table-top shooting and the mounting of small gear in just about any set-up and configuration. Imagine a grip head that fits in the palm of your hand, made with the same precision as its big brother. Like most photographers, I’m always looking for products that, on location or in the studio, will let me put my lighting and still life subjects exactly where I want them. For the same reasons that Dedolight is so great because the lights don’t get in the way of what I’m shooting, small grip gear makes life a whole lot easier for table-top shoots.

Look for further impressions from NAB 2010 on my blog over the next few days!