New York’s Latest Celebrity… and With No Attitude!

Central Park on a perfect fall weekend is always crowded, but a rare event has recently brought thousands of additional visitors, most of them with cameras.

The object of their attention (and affection) is a Mandarin duck, not seen in these parts of the world and, by our best understandings of migration, not supposed to be here. This guy’s appearance is straight out of Disney (or an artist with unlimited imagination). Can you spot him?

He’s been hanging out in one corner of the park, along with all the other duck varieties, and eager to oblige anyone with optics ranging from an iPhone to a DSLR mounting a 600mm f/4 (and everything in between). My wife and I are bird lovers, so we made the pilgrimage to see for ourselves, and we were not disappointed.

There was a bit of a panic earlier this week when he seemed to have disappeared, but he was spotted again yesterday. Don’t miss out – make a plan to see him this weekend! Who knows – you may find yourself drawn to the timeless hobby known as birding.

Posted in Blog on January, 2020