Flexloc: A Strong, Reusable Cable Tie

Why Waste Gaffer Tape and Zip Ties?

Flexloc releasable cable ties are perfect for tying up all the cords and cables that photographers and other audio-visual professionals struggle with every time they work.

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A ribbed inner surface makes them self-locking and secure; just a quick pinch of the fingers releases the tie. Unlike zip ties, you can use Flexloc ties over and over again.

Flexloc cable ties are made from tough, flexible nylon, and their 50-pound tensile strength ensures they won’t snap under pressure. Their 10-inch length accommodates any diameter up to 2-3/4 inches, and they can be joined together for larger bundles. They’re available in orange and black. We’re sure they’ll become an essential part of your studio’s workflow.