Steadybag SBF-1 (1 lb) – Forensic Rest – Black

(1 lb., 8″ Circle)

  • The forensic rest is used by medical examiners to provide cranial support during autopsy examinations
  • Designed to keep the head in a straight, neutral position.
  • Made in the USA
  • The material is easily wiped to prevent bacteria and microorganisms
  • Slip-resistant
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Visual Departures brings high technology to the old-fashioned bean bag with the remarkable steadybag.  Steadybag was originally developed for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers as a great way to support their cameras and lenses on any uneven surface for rock steady imaging.

Today, many other folks use steadybag in their own pursuits.  Bird watchers use them to stabilize their spotting scopes.  Target and benchrest shooters use them to support and cushion their rifles at the range.  Hunters use them out in the field for much needed support for placing accurate shots.  Steadybags are used for flexible, rock solid support for anything on any surface.  There are no limitations.

Steadybag is made in the USA, in our own workshop from rugged waterproof, expedition grade nylon.  Thousands of custom-milled polypropylene beads are first sewn into their own inner lining, then that bag is securely sewn into the outer casing.  The amount of fill is precisely calculated so that one side of the steadybag conforms to the surface on which it is placed and the top side securely cradles whatever you are putting on it.