Rosco DigiComp: Tape, Cable, Fabric, Floor, and Paint for Compositing

Rosco DigiComp

A Full Line of Products for Worry-Free Compositing

DigiComp is Rosco’s system for seamless compositing in film, video, and digital photography. It represents a top-to-bottom range of stage equipment that precisely match for consistent keying separation with little to no post-production touch-up. All products are available in either DigiComp Green or DigiComp Blue.

DigiComp Paint

Here’s where it all begins: standardizing on DigiComp paint allows you to take advantage of the breadth of DigiComp products without worrying about color compatibility. This top-quality acrylic paint binds to almost anything and is sold in one- and five-gallon containers.

DigiComp Tape

DigiComp Tape is non-reflective gaffer tape that is designed to come off clean with no residue. It’s sold in 50-meter rolls, 50 mm wide.

DigiComp Cable

This precisely crafted steel-and-vinyl aircraft cable hoists scenery and actors, saving hours of post-production time spent removing black rigging cables.

DiameterDetailsLoadSpool Length

3/32″ 1/16″ 7×7, coated diameter 3/32″ rated 480 lbs. 500′
3/16″ 1/8″ 7×19, coated diameter 3/16″ rated 2000 lbs. 500′
1/4″ 3/16″ 7×19, coated diameter 1/4″ rated 4200 lbs. 500′

DigiComp Fabric

DigiComp fabrics are 100% cotton impregnated with the precise DigiComp green or blue color.  Each bolt is 59″ wide and is available in 30′ or 60′ lengths.

Chroma Floor

One of the biggest annoyances in chroma key work is having to repaint the studio floor for every shoot. Rosco Chroma Floor solves this problem neatly: a precisely color-matched light-weight vinyl that can be set up or cleaned quickly. Blue on one side and green on the other, Chroma Floor is also terrific for location shoots.

The flooring is 0.05″ thick and 63″ wide; each 131.3′ (40m) roll weighs just 1.9 pounds per linear foot (250 pounds total.)