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Rosco fog fluids

From Full-on Clouds to Wispy Haze, There’s a Fluid for Any Need

30 years ago, Rosco developed their Academy Award-winning water-based fog fluid. Until that point, fog fluids had been petroleum based — potentially hazardous, and often leaving an unpleasant oily residue on people or equipment. Rosco’s water-based formula made all that a thing of the past, becoming the most widely used fog fluid in theatre, live entertainment, theme parks, and clubs.

Rosco fog systems

Rosco makes a fog fluid for almost any need: Rosco Standard Fog Fluid is the classic formula, producing a characteristic green fog without unpleasant odor. Rosco Stage & Studio Fog Fluid works similarly, but dissipates more quickly to enable you to have your fog appear and disappear on cue. Using this fluid with a Rosco Coldflow machine yields a great low-lying fog effect. Rosco Clear Fog Fluid gives you the same effect as the standard fluid in a colorless, odorless form.

For a lighter, less dense effect, Rosco Light Fog Fluid produces thinner wisps of smoke. And for haze, use Rosco Delta Haze Fluid to create moody solid beams of light or make lasers more visible (note: Delta Haze Fluid should only be used with the Rosco Delta Hazer machine.)

Rosco Alpha 900 fog machine

Of course, fog fluid is no good without a great fog machine. For installations with simple requirements, we recommend the Rosco Alpha 900. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and reliable. Those looking for expandability should consider the Rosco Model 1700. This affordable workhorse can be daisy-chained up to a total of four units for an incredible volume of fog across a wide area.

Health Advisory: Vapor from this fluid, like any other common material in an aerosolized state, may be irritating to or cause allergic symptoms in persons with allergenic sensitivity. Please do not fog in the presence of known asthmatics.