Steadybag: Perfect for Bird Watchers

It Goes Where Tripods Don’t… (And Sets Up Faster, Too)

For over 20 years, thousands of photographers, videographers and filmmakers have discovered Steadybag® as a great way to support their cameras and lenses on any uneven surface for rock-steady imaging. We want to make sure that bird-watchers know that Steadybag is a great accessory for spotting scopes, too.

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  • Support your camera or spotting scope on any surface
  • Ready to use in seconds, so you can react quickly
  • Better than an ordinary beanbag: water-resistant internal pouches won’t get moldy or leak sand
  • Get rock-steady imaging anywhere!

Quality Materials, Sturdy Construction

Steadybag is made in the U.S. in our own workshop from expedition-grade materials. Many thousands of custom-milled polypropylene beads are first sewn into their own inner liner; then that bag is securely sewn into the outer casing which is fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap. The amount of fill is precisely calculated so that one side of Steadybag conforms to the surface on which it is placed and the top side securely cradles the spotting scope or camera.

Ready When You Are

Instead of lugging a tripod into the field, Steadybag can be in your hands and ready to use in just a few seconds. And there are lots of places where it’s just not possible to use a tripod. Whether you’re observing wildlife or taking photographs, having shake-free images is vital. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with a point-and-shoot camera, an SLR with a long telephoto lens, or a 60-power scope–getting a clear and steady image is what it’s all about.

For most spotting scopes, the Steadybag Model I is ideal. It’s weatherproof and weighs just 3 lbs. You can order it either in black or all-seasons camouflage pattern.