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Leica It… or Not

Leica M9-P by Hermes (photo courtesy Leica Camera)

The NY Times last month had a special section, titled Wealth (no subtlety there). Front page of the section teases an article headlined Just the Thing for Those Who Have It All (except, apparently, intelligence or common sense). The front page and the first item shown in the article, is a Leica M9-P covered in leather from Hermès with a price tag listed at $25,000 to $50,000. Just what a hard-working photojournalist needs.

Earlier this year, I posted about someone who can’t live without his vintage Argus C3 wrapped in wood (instead of leatherette), priced at $1850. That was merely madness; this latest from Leica crosses whatever line there is beyond that. I know that Leica had to come up with ways to stave off bankruptcy a few years ago, but is this really the path to follow? Whatever happened to the workhorse Leicas?

Well-worn Leica M6 (from <a href="" target-"_blank"></a>)

(photo by Blake Andrews – click here to view more images of this well-worn/well-loved camera.)

Final Score: 14-2

Jen's and Carl's wedding cake

Everywhere you turn these days, it seems the majority of snapshots (and sometimes more serious photographic projects) are being taken with camera phones. That trend is not going to reverse anytime soon.This past weekend, months after my niece, Jen and her husband, Carl,  eloped and got married in Las Vegas, the newlyweds threw a party. As you’d imagine, lots of pictures were taken;  my quick and unscientific count showed a 7-to-1 ratio of phones to cameras (hence this blog’s title).

Last Thursday, David Pogue’s New York Times column, State of the Art, was headlined: Tiny Camera To Rival The Pros. Pogue may not make his living as a professional  photographer, but he is a great writer, on-camera talent and interpreter of trends in technology. The object of his affection in this particular column is Sony’s new DSC-RX100, which he calls “the best pocket camera ever made.” Read the review for yourself and go on to look at the sample pictures.

I’ve been a big fan, and user, of the Canon G-series for a lot of years. My G11 delivers great images, some of which have gone to double-page spreads. The only thing that has kept me from acquiring the new Canon G1X is the loss of the same degree of macro capability I’ve been used to. But that’s a consequence of the vastly larger imaging chip in the G1X. Every feature seems to have its price. Somehow, according to David Pogue, the new Sony camera can focus from 2 inches. Coupled with a Zeiss f/1.8 lens, this may be the next big purchase.

Wood-wrapped Argus C3

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Edition did a feature on 50 summer essentials. Number 48, cited by Lucas Allen Buck, CEO and co-founder of the maker of Hipstamatic, is a vintage Argus C3 camera wrapped in wood.

If you have $1850, just go to: and beat Mr. Buck to the punch. Or, save a whole lot of money and send me $650 and I’ll send you my C3 (minus the wood, but still a very cool object). And if you do, I’ll get the new Sony camera for those times that my iPhone just won’t do.

Argus C3