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Rosco Model Alpha 900 Fog Machine: Simple, Powerful, Inexpensive

Rosco Alpha 900 fog machine

Rosco’s Most Economical Fog Machine Is Ideal for Parties, DJs, and Other Events

In applications where you don’t need to control the volume of fog, the Alpha 900 is an excellent choice. A simple on-off switch on the included 30′ remote control starts and stops a remarkably powerful stream of smoke thanks to its 1000 watt heater. Weighing only 11 pounds, the Alpha 900 is highly portable and compact, and accepts the full range of Rosco fog fluids.

    Compatible Accessories

  • Wireless remote
  • Carrying case
  • 30′ remote extension cable
  • 4″ hose adapter
  • Ducting hose (4″x25′)

Rosco fog systems

This Rosco fog machine has been tested for use in professional theatrical productions and are included under the Equipment-Based Guidelines of the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds.