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Dedo Weigert Sweats the Details — So You Can Just Trust Your Equipment

We have always been impressed by Dedo Weigert’s attention to detail and craftsmanship — his lights are so perfectly made, they’re almost like works of art. We’ve been pleased to be a distributor for Dedolight, shipping their products all across the United States for many years now. As film equipment and shooting style have changed, Dedo and his team have introduced new lighting solutions to suit the needs of the creative people working hard to craft their own art. This video goes into great detail on just how carefully the Dedolight group have tested and refined their LED products… so that their customers can simply expect consistent, reliable, beautiful light wherever they need it.

If you’re wondering how a Dedolight kit could make your life easier, please give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll be happy to give advice.

Dedolight on YouTube, Featuring a Video Walkthrough of the DLH4

We’ve proudly offered Dedolight products for many years now, because we feel they produce some of the best gear in the industry. (They don’t give technical Oscars to just anyone, after all.) Many clever and dedicated people within their organization work hard every day to make precise, resilient, world-class lighting systems for film, photography, exhibition, architecture and other applications.

Now, for the visual learners among us, Munich-based Dedo Weigert Film has uploaded several videos to their YouTube channel. Please spend a few minutes looking over what they’ve done, and follow them for continuing updates.

Embedded below is a walkthrough of one of their most popular units, the DLH4. Enjoy!

My NAB 2013 Impressions

Dedolight-booth-NAB-2013As in many years previous, Visual Departures was in Las Vegas last week to support the Dedolight team, as we are a major distributor of their products in the U.S. It’s always wonderful to reconnect in-the-flesh with Dedo Weigert and the rest of our colleagues; some of them having made the trip from Germany, some merely from California. At any rate, now we’re back from NAB 2013 and, once again, looking back on everything we saw there and trying to make sense of all the new technology.


Firstly, it was definitely the Year of the Drone. Unless the FAA steps in soon, the skies above every traffic accident, playing field (including those for kids’ sports), and natural disaster site will be filled with remote-controlled aircraft carrying all kinds of cameras from the GoPro to full-frame DSLRs. I imagine crane rental companies will need to start offering drones very soon, if they haven’t already. Some of the larger units on display have eight rotors and cost in the thousands, but the big crowd attraction was the Phantom from DJI, who had a display with a huge enclosed tower for demos and practice flights.

GoPro-fan-Mason-Massey-at-NABThe Phantom is already fitted for the GoPro camera, whose always-packed booth was right next door. Just like last year, they’re showing the way for everyone from amateur skateboarders to network sports departments. The daily frenzy over give-aways led Mason Massey to turn himself into a walking GoPro in the hope (successful) of winning a free camera.

Abekas-AirCleanerSpend an hour watching real-time demos of the latest rendering software like Maxon’s Cineware and you may think it’s time to give up on live-action video completely.  By the way, here’s something from Abekas that should be scaled down for the dinner table when your kids suddenly discover inappropriate language: the “AirCleaner” profanity elimination system.

With new lenses by Zeiss and Schneider, the use of DSLRs for video shows no signs of slowing down (or does it?) I didn’t get to see it in person, but the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera ($995 without lens), which uses Micro Four Thirds optics generated a lot of buzz. This will definitely be the tool of choice for journalists working in difficult environments. One of my colleagues also came back reporting on a rig for using the iPad as a production camera; hope it looks a bit less embarrassing than this.

And through all this, the marketplace for LED lighting just gets more confused. While Dedolight and other great, established companies like Mole-Richardson and Arri produce superb LED fixtures (both flat-panel and focusing Fresnel-type), there seem to be dozens of companies making really bad, cheap lights in the belief that everything can be ‘fixed in post.’ This is not the attitude people ought to take towards their craft.

Spend many hours at a show like NAB, and you eventually have to take a break to rest your feet and eat something. Fortunately, the location of the Dedolight booth made sure you were tastefully lit while you sat on the floor with an overpriced sandwich.

When in Las Vegas, enjoy al-fresco dining at NAB by the Dedolight booth

NAB 2010 Report: Eating in Las Vegas

And now, a few words about eating in Las Vegas…

When we’re there, it’s three long days to set up the Dedolight booth, the four days of the show itself, and finally, the days to take everything down. Every year, every day we’re there, begins with breakfast at Harrie’s Bagelmania (in a strip mall at 55 E.Twain Ave, not far from the Strip), at a table set in advance for 10. After being away for a year, and within two minutes of sitting down without saying a word, there’s my morning tea, just as I like it, with lemon and honey. They have an uncanny memory for what everybody usually orders. It is absolutely the ‘real deal,’ filled with locals, cops, great service and as good a breakfast as you’ll find anywhere; and yes, the bagels are fresh and fine. I have no doubt that a year from now, or any time I show up in Las Vegas, the story will be the same – warm welcome, excellent food.

Some of the food (and the Dedolight crew) at the New Shanghai in Las Vegas

We’re usually so tired by the time the show wraps up at 6 PM that we head straight from the Convention Center to dinner. For the past few years, thanks to a suggestion from my Taiwanese-born daughter-in-law and her parents, we’ve had more meals at the New Shanghai (4215 Spring Mountain Road, in the heart of Las Vegas’ Chinatown) than anywhere else. You can check it out on a number of sites, and the posted reviews are all over the map, but we really like it, even down to the very casual service. Shanghai-style cooking isn’t something you find in every city. Dumplings are fine, and Russ always insists on the salt-and-pepper pork chops. If you get there, I’d like to hear what you think. Dedo Weigert could probably exist on a diet consisting solely of the Mongolian beef.

NAB 2010: Dedolight’s New LEDZilla Accessories

Mitch Gross of Abel Cine Tech caught up with Dedo Weigert at NAB 2010 to check out the new softbox, lightsaber, and Chinese lantern LEDZilla attachments: