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Dedolight Projection Attachments: How to Use Gobos and Slides to Project Patterns

Dedolight gobos

How to Project Patterns and Images With Dedolight Heads

An excellent way to make your lighting more interesting is to involve gobos. Gobos come in a variety of forms, including silhouette patterns, color modulators, and more. Dedolight manufactures projection attachments for light heads in their Classic, 200, and 400 series that yield incredibly precise images and shadows. Dedolight’s “Imager” attachments overcome several of the problems inherent in those of other manufacturers — Dedolight’s offer:

  • High light efficiency due to perfectly-matched optics
  • Perfect contrast rendition
  • Very low distortion
  • No color fringing (a very typical problem on traditional profiler/ellipsoidal units)
  • No halation (which would impair the shadow edge or affect overall contrast)
  • Interchangeable lenses, from wide angle to telephoto and zoom

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Rosco Gobos

Rosco gobo 78446 ("Frozen Rain")

Add Emotion and Visual Interest to a Scene

Any great set designer will tell you that when lighting a scene, the lights you use are only part of the equation. Like any great art, what you leave out is just as important as what you put in. Enter: gobos. Derived from the phrase “GOes Before Optics”, gobos fit between your light source and lens to partly obscure or modulate light.

View the Rosco Gobo catalog (PDF) or use Rosco’s iPhone app for gobos to see a sample of the styles and colors available. Don’t forget to find a dealer once you’ve picked a few out!

Types of Gobos

Depending on what they’re used for, gobos may be made of stainless steel or glass. Stainless steel gobos selectively block light, often creating a stippled effect or more or less expressionistic shapes.

Glass gobos come in a variety of forms: Rosco gobo 86627 ("Emosphere amber")Colorizers create beautiful multi-colored effects. Image Glass gobos are colorless, bending and refracting light to create complexity. Prismatics are usually fitted into moving lights and project kaleidoscopic patterns. Rosco gobo 55004 ("Blue Lavender")ColorWaves create vivid dichroic color patterns such as waves and mosaics. Different gobos can be used on each light and mixed on-stage to liven things up.

Rosco Gobo 77969 ("Dollars")Usually, you’ll need a gobo holder for each of your gobos, although some holders can accept multiple gobos in series. And gobos can be used like cogs — placed into a motorized gobo rotator, which can turn the gobo at various speeds for even more interesting displays.

Gobo size chart

Gobo Sizes

It’s important to understand that gobos come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the lamp you use, you will want compatible gobos and at least one compatible gobo holder.

Standard Gobo Sizes (Measurements in millimeters)
Letter Size Outer
A Size 100 75
B Size 86 64.5
M Size 66 48
E Size 37.5 28
BG Size 79 64.5 Obsolete glass size. Available by special order.
C Size 150 120 C Size available size by special order.
G Size 65.5 48 For Clay Paky Goldenscans
D Size 53.3 38
Cyberlight 44.25 38
Studio Spot 575 36.3 31 For HES Studio Spot 575
Mac 500/918 27.5 22 Not all standard designs available in this size.
V Size 25.5 22 Not all standard designs available in this size.
Mac 250 22.5 17 Not all standard designs available in this size.
518 Size 20 13 Not all standard designs available in this size.
Sizes listed in millimeters. Not all designs are available in all sizes. Please call to verify availability.

Custom Gobo Designs

One of the coolest things about gobos is that you can make your own custom designs! We can accept artwork from you or your graphic designer and match it to almost any gobo size you need. Prices and turnaround time are very reasonable — simply email us to get the ball rolling.

Need Advice?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry — we can help. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain your options, or refer you to a knowledgeable dealer in your area.