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The American Flag Under a Clear Blue Sky

The American Flag Under a Clear Blue Sky

It may be one of the most common photographic clichés, but who doesn’t like a good picture of the American flag in a strong breeze?

I spent most of this past Sunday on the waters of Long Island Sound, helping a good friend move his boat from its winter storage site to where it will spend the next few months here in southwestern Connecticut. The weather could not have been better – lots of sun under a perfect sky, favorable tide, moderate winds,  and not-too-choppy seas. We were on the water for about four hours, and I had (as usual) my Canon G11 with me. It was in the last hour of our trip that I was inspired to make this image, and I’m sharing it with you here. Actually, we were bouncing around quite a bit, and trying to get the flag just right without showing anything but the flag and sky took a fair number of tries (about 50, if you must know.)

The picture was shot in RAW at ISO 80, using shutter-priority (1/800th) and about a stop of under-exposure; producing a file size of 10 MB. As you know from previous posts, I’m a big fan of the Canon G-series cameras, and while I’m always looking carefully at ‘what’s next,’ I think the image is exactly what I was going for.

Cinefoil and Photofoil: Eliminate Unwanted Light


Perfect for Masking Light Leaks in Your Studio or On Location

In confined spaces, unwanted light reflection can become quite annoying. What’s needed is something that can attach to any surface and absorb light. Cinefoil is just that thing.

Cinefoil roll sizes

  • 24″x25′
  • 12″x50′
  • 48″x25′

Photofoil roll sizes

  • 12″x10′
  • 24″x10′

Essentially a matte black version of aluminum foil, Cinefoil can be wrapped around, stapled, or taped to any surface or object to prevent light spill. It can also be molded to form barndoors, flags, or whatever configuration you need.

Cinefoil is sold in twenty-five to fifty-foot rolls for theater and set use. For still photographers, videographers, and students, Photofoil offers the same properties in shorter lengths at lower cost.