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Introducing microGAFFER Gaffer Tape

Note: We’re pleased to announce that microGAFFER® now has its own website, featuring all new colors and packages!

microGAFFER packages contain 4 rolls of tape

This is professional, high-quality gaffer tape… in a much more convenient form.

Ahhh, gaffer tape (or is it “gaffa tape”, “gaff tape”, or any number of other terms?) Whatever you call it, it’s possibly the most useful piece of gear on a stage or set, whether large or small. And hoo boy, is it convenient: So light! So compact! So pocketable! (Err… wait, are we still talking about gaffer tape?)

As a matter of fact, we are. Presenting a new product from Visual Departures: microGAFFER® tape. microGAFFER is identical to professional gaffer tape in all ways except the problematic ones: size and weight. Use it anywhere you’d use standard-size gaffer’s tape: secure cabling and other equipment, make minor repairs, block out staging, label control boards, and more. It tears off easily and leaves almost no residue, just like gaffer’s tape (because that’s what it is.)

The difference is, it’s so compact, you can buy several rolls and keep them wherever you need them. Keep one in your car’s glove compartment; one in your backpack; one in your SLR camera bag (and each of your other gear bags); you can even keep one in your pocket. Now, when you find a problem on the set or location, your solution will be within arm’s reach — solve the problem and move on.

Back in the bad old days, many pro photographers would hack around the problem of too-large tape rolls by tearing off a bunch of gaffer tape and then re-wrapping it around the legs of their tripods, tearing off little bits as needed. We’re happy to say that those days are now past us. Buy microGAFFER online or find your local microGAFFER reseller and try a few rolls!

microGAFFER tape compared to standard 1" and 2" rolls of gaffer tape

Specifications and Dimensions

  • Each multi-pack contains 4 rolls (2 Black, 1 Grey, 1 White)
  • Each roll is 1 inch wide by 8 yards long
  • Made in the USA
  • Also available in standard sizes & widths
microGAFFER by the Numbers
Standard Gaffer Tape microGAFFER® Tape
Length 60 yds. 8 yds.
Width 2″ 1″
Diameter 6 3/8″ 2 1/2″
Weight 2 lbs. 2.2 oz. (1/8 lb.)