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Finding Your Niche – Ultra-Precise Lighting Made Possible by the Dedolight Imager Projection Attachment

As noted many times on this blog, the photography and filmmaking business has seen huge changes in the last decade. Smartphone photos are running on the front page of the New York Times. Lights and cameras have become cheaper, often with little regard to their quality. And what does it mean to be a photographer when everyone is always taking pictures? If you’re a freelancer, this last item is an issue you’re forced to reckon with in order to get paying work. As the saying goes: “it isn’t your fault, but it is your problem.”

One way to stand out from the crowd is to find a niche and own it (preferably in a line of work for which people will pay well.) In the case of Angel Penchev of Bulgaria, that means focusing (sorry) on rare coins and medallions. Watch this video to see how he uses Dedolight heads, including the Dedolight Imager Projection Attachment, to control light across each tiny element on the coins’ faces.

Some time ago, I did a few tests on the focusing capabilities of the DP2. We had recently moved into a larger office space and, much to our surprise, discovered that the previous tenants had left a box of old Barbie dolls in one of the filing cabinets. (Why isn’t it ever a briefcase full of cash??!)

Anyway, I had the tongue-in-cheek idea to use the dolls as models; you don’t have to pay them, they never get tired, and they always sit perfectly still. Using the Dedolight Imager Projection Attachment along with the DPEYESET filters, I was able to easily highlight details like the dolls’ jewelry or eyes. Obviously, this method would work equally well on tiny details on live models — who you do have to pay, but, by the same token, can probably give you more than a single vacant expression.

Barbie doll highlighted with Dedolight DP2 and EYESET

Be sure to have a look through some of Angel’s website (I particularly appreciate what he’s done with pasta.) And for more information on how to use the Dedolight DP1, DP2, and their siblings, see the following video:

Highlighting Details with the Dedolight EYESET

Samples of the Dedolight Eye Set

Call Attention to Details (and Only the Details)

No matter how precise you lighting needs to be (and with Dedolight gear, you can get pretty darn precise), eventually you’ll run up against the limitations of how much of a “sliver” simple barn doors can give you. What if you want to light up your subject’s eyes for a fashion shot or music video? How about highlighting a small bottle of perfume half-buried in the sand? Or calling out small details in your tabletop miniature shot? In most cases, barn doors will get you 60% there, but spill light on the rest of the scene, ruining your cool effect. Possibly making you feel like a failure.

Dedolight DPEYESET filters mounted on a DP2

That’s where the Dedolight’s EYESET filter kit comes in. The EYESET is three specially formulated filters, plus a custom filter holder, that fit into a Dedolight projection unit attached to your Classic, 200, or 400 Series light head. The filters themselves are specifically created for this purpose, and are different from traditional diffusion filters. By mixing and matching the three filters, it’s possible to create seven different levels of effect. And if that isn’t enough, you can focus the Dedolight head itself for even more variety. Click on the sample images above to see how this kit can improve two typical scenes, whether you’re looking for something bold or a little more understated.

Dedolight Projection Attachments: How to Use Gobos and Slides to Project Patterns

Dedolight gobos

How to Project Patterns and Images With Dedolight Heads

An excellent way to make your lighting more interesting is to involve gobos. Gobos come in a variety of forms, including silhouette patterns, color modulators, and more. Dedolight manufactures projection attachments for light heads in their Classic, 200, and 400 series that yield incredibly precise images and shadows. Dedolight’s “Imager” attachments overcome several of the problems inherent in those of other manufacturers — Dedolight’s offer:

  • High light efficiency due to perfectly-matched optics
  • Perfect contrast rendition
  • Very low distortion
  • No color fringing (a very typical problem on traditional profiler/ellipsoidal units)
  • No halation (which would impair the shadow edge or affect overall contrast)
  • Interchangeable lenses, from wide angle to telephoto and zoom

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