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The Unsung Heroes Behind the Great Photos

Great photos are made on all kinds of cameras — some the kind anyone can buy, some a little more boutique, and others still heavily modified by people with a gift for technical wizardry. National Geographic, always a great source of images, recently released a wonderful short film acknowledging the contributions of one of their longtime camera technicians. He’s a humble, soft-spoken man named Kenji Yamaguchi. Please take just a few minutes of your day to appreciate the part he’s played in some of the photographs you’ve seen in the Geographic over the last three decades.

Mister, Please Take My Picture (with the President)

First of all: this is not about politics. That out of the way, one of the interesting moments in last night’s coverage of the second presidential debate at Hofstra University came post-debate, while the candidates were milling about with the invited guests and at least an equal number of Secret Service personnel.

The president’s personal photographer, Pete Souza, was doing his job, but people kept giving him their point-and-shoot cameras and asking him to take a picture of them with the president. I’m certain that very few (if any) of them knew Pete’s name or what his job is. I was watching NBC’s post-debate coverage at the time, paused my DVR’s recording and made this image. That’s Pete on the left, handing back one person’s camera, while another waits, camera in hand, to ask the same favor.

Photographer Pete Souza, pressed into service at the second Presidential Debate

Just one of those little bits of behind-the-scenes trivia you might enjoy. Pete Souza, whose official title is Chief Official White House Photographer, was the subject of a PBS/National Geographic special, The President’s Photographer, that is a must-see for photographers.