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Rosco DigiComp: Tape, Cable, Fabric, Floor, and Paint for Compositing

Rosco DigiComp

A Full Line of Products for Worry-Free Compositing

DigiComp is Rosco’s system for seamless compositing in film, video, and digital photography. It represents a top-to-bottom range of stage equipment that precisely match for consistent keying separation with little to no post-production touch-up. All products are available in either DigiComp Green or DigiComp Blue.

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Rosco Chroma Key and Ultimatte Paint

Pure Enough for Clean, Crisp Key Effects

Getting a good, clean matte is an essential part of modern production workflows. Sure, you could save a couple of bucks by buying a knockoff that happens to be the same hue as Rosco Ultimatte or Chroma Key paint, but you’ll probably regret it when you see what a crummy mask it gives you.

Do you need tape, cable, fabric or flooring for keying? Check out the Rosco DigiComp line!

That’s because only Rosco matte paints are the right combination of hue, luminosity, and uniformity to give you reliable, clean mattes every time.

Rosco Ultimatte green

Rosco Chroma Key paints are specially formulated to provide high luminance values and color saturation for keying effects. The acrylic formula provides high build, one-coat coverage on almost any surface, and is sold in one- or five-gallon containers.

Chroma Key Colors
Luminance Vectroscope Phase Angle
Blue 52 342
Green 57 242

Rosco Chroma Key blue

Rosco Ultimatte paints are the approved Ultimatte paint system. These paints were designed in conjunction with the Ultimatte technical team to meet their stringent requirements. This vinyl acrylic paint can be used on nearly any surface, and is available in one- or five-gallon containers.

Ultimatte Colors
Red Component Green Component Blue Component
Blue 22 40 82
Green 29 84 36
Super Blue 7 18 72
Values measured with an Ikegami EC-35 camera with Plumbicon tubes. The iris was set so that an 89.9% reflective chip on a Porta Pattern 11 step chip chart was at 100 IRE units, the gamma was set to 0.45, and the knee circuit was turned off. Different cameras may yield different levels, even under the same conditions.