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NAB 2015 News: Rosco Announces LitePad Vector

The folks at No Film School visited with Rosco’s Joel Svendsen at NAB 2015. Rosco had just taken the wraps off their new LitePad Vector – a more powerful LitePad unit, available soon! – and also showed off the LED Tape product, which will arrive in the coming months. Have a look at No Film School’s video for all the details:

LitePad Loop Demo at Adorama Pro Imaging

LitePad Loop demo at Adorama

I spent this past Thursday afternoon at the Adorama store in New York City, meeting photographers (both still and video) and introducing them to Rosco’s LitePad and Loop products. In case you haven’t heard, LitePad Loop is the recently-introduced ring light version of Rosco’s popular LitePad LED diffused lighting source.

Much of Adorama’s Pro Imaging Department was lit with the Rosco products in a range of sizes, and they had brought in a model so everyone could see for themselves how effective LitePad can be for both portraiture and still-life work.

LitePad Loop before and after

LitePad Axiom

LitePad AxiomHow Do You Improve on an Amazing Product Like the LitePad? Give it Twice as Many LEDs, Add a Steel Frame, Universal Mounting System, and a Gel Slot!

Our longtime readers already know we’ve always been huge fans of Rosco’s LitePad product. How can you not love a light source that fits almost anywhere, runs for hours on almost any power source, and weighs next to nothing? By the same token… how could you improve on something that was already so good? The wizards at Rosco Labs have managed to do just that, and now we’d like to introduce you to LitePad Axiom.

LitePad Axiom back mounting bracket

LitePad Axiom is a whole new class of LitePad. Designed specifically for the film and TV market, this more rugged and versatile product is a LitePad HO+ in a metal housing. LitePad Axiom has LEDs on all four sides and a “sunk” internal power connector. The extra LEDs mean your LitePad is now even brighter, while the slim-profile metal housing means your LitePad is now much more durable. The housing also enables you to quickly and easily mount the LitePad using one of the new Axiom brackets or by conventional LitePad mounting methods – even Velcro or rubber bands!

LitePad Axiom on a still photo camera

All LitePad Axiom units are available in either daylight or tungsten color temperature, and are built in various square and rectangular sizes from 3″x6″ to 24″x24″ (non-reinforced 3″ and 12″ circular LitePads are still available in the LitePad HO+ line.) The LitePad Axiom housing has a gel slot for color correction or other filters and is deep enough to hold more than one filter. On the back of the unit, there is a universal LitePad Axiom mounting system, allowing different Axiom brackets to be slid into the mounting system for various applications. For example, a 1/4-20 bracket could slide on for use with one of the new accessories or a Baby Pin could be used for attachment to a C-Stand. The new Axiom brackets will work with any size LitePad Axiom.

LitePad Axiom is meant to be a stand-alone unit; the housing was not designed for the LitePad to come out nor be taken apart. However, current LitePad owners can purchase LitePad Axiom conversion kits to upgrade their current LitePads to a tough new steel frame.

Interested? Call or email us for help finding out where to buy LitePad Axiom.

A Chance Meeting with Ross Kauffman (‘Born Into Brothels’, 2004)

Chris Edwards and Ross-Kauffman at Production Junction

A couple of weeks ago, I was in New York City to visit one of our newest dealers, Production Junction. Its owner, Chris Edwards, describes the company as a ’boutique rental house’ operated by experienced film and video shooters. They’re right — that’s a perfect way to put it, and you should put them in your contact list. Just off First Avenue in the  East Village (and about a 7-iron from Momofuku and other great restaurants), PJ is a prime example of the kind of small but expert companies that independent filmmakers can turn to for every item they’ll need in a production package, as well as for help in securing the permits needed for filming in urban locations.

By chance, during my visit with Chris and his team, I also met Ross Kauffman, whose film Born Into Brothels won the Academy Award® for Best Documentary a few years ago, along with a long list of other prizes. Ross was finalizing his equipment package for a trip to Africa later in the week to shoot a group of short films on education.

Since they’re so light[weight], I always try to have a Rosco LitePad or two with me in my shoulder bag; after Ross told me about his lighting needs on location, I showed the LitePads to him. On seeing the accessory dimmers and AA-battery packs that can power LitePad for hours where there isn’t any plug-in power, he immediately realized that they would be essential for his shoot. So, with a phone call back to our offices in Connecticut, the LitePads and accessories were on their way to Production Junction later in the day.

One of the things I like best about running Visual Departures is meeting other shooters (in all media), learning about their needs and experiences, and being able to introduce them to the tools and resources (not necessarily our own) that will be of real help in the studio and on location. Because we have dealers like Production Junction all over the country, just send us an email if you think we can help solve a problem for you.

Food Photography at Dawn, Using LitePad

When your assignment calls for a subject to be photographed at dawn or sunset — possibly in a remote location — LitePad is an excellent way to fill your lighting needs without using a ton of gear (or bringing along assistants to carry it all!) LitePad can be powered by AC power, or run for hours on AA batteries or your car’s cigarette lighter. It’s dimmable, generates no heat, and can be gelled to any color temperature you need.

In this video, Allen explains how to photograph food (or any other small subject your assignment requires) at first light with a minimal amount of gear and fuss; a situation made possible by our friends at Rosco Labs. Interested? Reach out to us if you’d like to try one!

Rosco DigiComp: Tape, Cable, Fabric, Floor, and Paint for Compositing

Rosco DigiComp

A Full Line of Products for Worry-Free Compositing

DigiComp is Rosco’s system for seamless compositing in film, video, and digital photography. It represents a top-to-bottom range of stage equipment that precisely match for consistent keying separation with little to no post-production touch-up. All products are available in either DigiComp Green or DigiComp Blue.

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