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Suction Mount: Place Cameras and Lights Wherever You Want

Tripods Can’t Help You Out of Some Situations

Suction Mount lets you place cameras and lights in those places tripods can't help you.Have you ever wanted to mount a light high in the corner of a room? (Trick question — of course you have.) Suction Mount lets you use any flat, non-porous surface as a non-permanent mounting spot for a camera or lights — enabling you to get your gear into positions that would be impossible with light stands or tripods.

Suction Mount is a high-quality suction cup and vacuum pump mounted to a rock-solid 1/4-20 tripod screw and 5/8″ stud. The DV6B model incorporates a heavy duty ball swivel joint for added flexibility. Suction Mount is made in the USA, and is far more compact than a tripod.

How much weight your Suction Mount will support depends on which model you’re using and what you’re attaching to (in an ideal world, this would be a clean pane of glass.) Also note that the vacuum pump indicator will display strength of suction — for longer installations, the indicator will turn red, alerting you that the seal should be “pumped up” to maintain suction. Please do not leave suction-mounted gear unsupervised.

Suction Mount Models and Specifications
Model Mount Size of Suction Cup Maximum Load
SM-3 Fixed 1/4-20 tripod screw 3 inches Up to 20 lbs.
SM-6 Fixed 1/4-20 tripod screw 6 inches Up to 70 lbs.
DV6B 5/8” stud on swivel ball head 6 inches Up to 70 lbs.

The Flexfill Adjustable Holder

Flexfill Holder FH-1

Pair This With a Light Stand, and You Can Hire One Less Assistant

Ideal for stationary, still life, and portrait subjects, the Flexfill Adjustable Holder has a telescoping design that slides to fit all Flexfill reflectors (20″, 38″, 48″, or 60″ diameters.) Flexible rubber grips keep a firm hold on the rim of the reflector, while locking knobs hold each tubular section in place. Standard 5/8-inch sockets accommodate most light stands and will accept a threaded screw-mount adapter for use on tripods. Custom-made in Italy for Visual Departures by Manfrotto.