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Tiltall: The Definitive Tripod

Tiltall tripod (photo by user 'voytek' on

Ozzie Sweet, maybe the all-time numbers champ in terms of magazine cover photos died two weeks ago at age 94. I knew the name, but the obit by NY Times writer Bruce Weber was a mother lode of information. One of the three photos in the obit was a self-portrait from the 1980s, showing Sweet with a massive telephoto lens mounted on a Hasselblad, the rig supported on a tripod I recognized instantly – the Tiltall. That brought back a whole lot of memories since in the day, Tiltall was the definitive tripod. Made in New Jersey by the Marchioni Brothers and later licensed to Leitz for broader marketing, the Tiltall was beautifully made of machined aluminum, sturdy, durable, and with a full range of easy adjustments. I finally lost mine to the PanAm baggage system, and by then it had disappeared from the marketplace.

In writing this, I just discovered more about Tiltall, the Marchioni Brothers, and where the product has been and is now, courtesy of Gary Regester’s blog. FYI, you’ll learn more about Gary, whom I met 30 years ago and who was the first in the industry to come up with the collapsible soft-light bank.

Suction Mount: Place Cameras and Lights Wherever You Want

Tripods Can’t Help You Out of Some Situations

Suction Mount lets you place cameras and lights in those places tripods can't help you.Have you ever wanted to mount a light high in the corner of a room? (Trick question — of course you have.) Suction Mount lets you use any flat, non-porous surface as a non-permanent mounting spot for a camera or lights — enabling you to get your gear into positions that would be impossible with light stands or tripods.

Suction Mount is a high-quality suction cup and vacuum pump mounted to a rock-solid 1/4-20 tripod screw and 5/8″ stud. The DV6B model incorporates a heavy duty ball swivel joint for added flexibility. Suction Mount is made in the USA, and is far more compact than a tripod.

How much weight your Suction Mount will support depends on which model you’re using and what you’re attaching to (in an ideal world, this would be a clean pane of glass.) Also note that the vacuum pump indicator will display strength of suction — for longer installations, the indicator will turn red, alerting you that the seal should be “pumped up” to maintain suction. Please do not leave suction-mounted gear unsupervised.

Suction Mount Models and Specifications
Model Mount Size of Suction Cup Maximum Load
SM-3 Fixed 1/4-20 tripod screw 3 inches Up to 20 lbs.
SM-6 Fixed 1/4-20 tripod screw 6 inches Up to 70 lbs.
DV6B 5/8” stud on swivel ball head 6 inches Up to 70 lbs.

Steadybag: Better Camera Support Than a Tripod

Steadybag family of camera supports

Flexible, rock-solid support for any camera — without a tripod. Leaves the old beanbag in the dust!

Steadybag is a high-tech update of the old-fashioned beanbag. Steadybag virtually eliminates camera shake without the need for time-consuming tripod setup. Use it for rock-solid shooting on car hoods, fenceposts, window ledges, rocks or branches. There’s no setup required, so it’s ready whenever you are.

People keep coming up with new uses for Steadybag. We originally designed the Steadybag for photographers in film and television. Later, we realized how perfect it was for bird watching and target shooting enthusiasts. Where will you use yours? Order online or find your local dealer and let us know!

Steadybag is available in three models. The standard three-pound Steadybag is for 35mm and medium-format SLRs, as well as video camcorders. The Steadybag Junior, available in three colors, is designed especially for compact point-and-shoot cameras. At just eight ounces, you can take it anywhere. And the large seven-pound size is designed for broadcast video (ENG/EFP) and motion picture cameras, as well as still cameras with very long and/or heavy lenses.

Every Steadybag is made in the USA from rugged water-resistant nylon and filled with thousands of custom-milled polypropylene beads. The standard and large Steadybag models include both a removable shoulder strap and a permanent carrying handle, while the Steadybag Junior includes a durable, swiveling mini-clip.