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The American Flag Under a Clear Blue Sky

The American Flag Under a Clear Blue Sky

It may be one of the most common photographic clichés, but who doesn’t like a good picture of the American flag in a strong breeze?

I spent most of this past Sunday on the waters of Long Island Sound, helping a good friend move his boat from its winter storage site to where it will spend the next few months here in southwestern Connecticut. The weather could not have been better – lots of sun under a perfect sky, favorable tide, moderate winds,  and not-too-choppy seas. We were on the water for about four hours, and I had (as usual) my Canon G11 with me. It was in the last hour of our trip that I was inspired to make this image, and I’m sharing it with you here. Actually, we were bouncing around quite a bit, and trying to get the flag just right without showing anything but the flag and sky took a fair number of tries (about 50, if you must know.)

The picture was shot in RAW at ISO 80, using shutter-priority (1/800th) and about a stop of under-exposure; producing a file size of 10 MB. As you know from previous posts, I’m a big fan of the Canon G-series cameras, and while I’m always looking carefully at ‘what’s next,’ I think the image is exactly what I was going for.